The Gray Area Season 2

Season 2 Episode Guide — Including Phase II!

July 28, 2020

Welcome to the Season 2 Pass page! Thank you so much for being a listener and for supporting our program. We've just released the Phase II episodes. Here is an episode guide to help out subscribers.

First off, if you're not a subscriber, to instantly access all the available episodes -- there will be a total of nineteen as we release these -- you will need a Season 2 pass.  You'll only be paying a flat rate of $20, which will be good during the entire duration of the release. That's it! No extra costs!  We like to keep things simple. You'll get 400 extra minutes of material and nearly 1,000 pages of scripts, as well as immediate access to all Season 2 episodes before release!  Upon payment, you'll get a username and a password that you can use on Podbean or any podcasting app to access all these goodies.  You'll also get access to all of the scripts, as well as our special behind-the-scenes podcast, Inside the Gray Area

We've been releasing Season 2 in three phases. The third and final phase will be sometime around October.  Your Season 2 pass will be good for all of this.  Because we've released a lot of content, here is the episode guide -- along with links to Inside the Gray Area and the scripts -- so that you can navigate through these pages. We'll offer an updated version of this page when we release Phase II. Again, your season pass is good for the entire run!  And we'll make sure you are updated when the next batches get released.  Thanks again for supporting independent audio drama! And if you have any questions about the program or are interested in chatting, please don't hesitate to reach out!

PHASE I (Released to Premium: April 10, 2020):

7. Living Creatures: (Episode) (Script) (Inside the Gray Area)
8. Dearer than Earsight: (Episode) (Script) (Inside the Gray Area)
8.5. Our American Cousin: (Episode) (Script) (Inside the Gray Area)
9. The Demon Hunters: (Episode) (Script) (Inside the Gray Area)
9.5. The Head Doctor: (Episode) (Script) (Inside the Gray Area)

PHASE II (Released to Premium: July 28, 2020):

10.1. Paths Not Taken: Where Are the Lads of the Village Tonight? (Episode) (Script) (Inside the Gray Area)
10.2. Paths Not Taken: The First Illusion (Episode) (Script) (Inside the Gray Area)
10.3. Paths Not Taken: Same Age Inside (Episode) (Script) (Inside the Gray Area)
10.4. Paths Not Taken: Unfound Door (Episode) (Script) (Inside the Gray Area)
10.5. Paths Not Taken: Canny Valley (Episode) (Script) (Inside the Gray Area)
10.6. Paths Not Taken: Too Hard a Knot (Episode) (Script) (Inside the Gray Area)
10.7. Paths Not Taken: Shadows Have Offended (Episode) (Script) (Inside the Gray Area)
Standalone Episode: The Yellow Wallpaper (Episode) (Script) (Inside the Gray Area)

PHASE III (Projected Premium Release: December, 2020):

[October 12, 2020 Update: Due to the unanticipated complexity of the sound design, we're going to be releasing Phase III in the public feed in early 2021. We anticipate finishing this and releasing this -- along with all the bonus material -- for our loyal Season 2 subscribers in December, 2020.]

11. West with the Light
12. Marching Orders
13.1. Pattern Language: The Tainted Grimace
13.2. Pattern Language: Not a Frown Further
13.3. Pattern Language: An Iris for Emily
13.4. Pattern Language: Mirrors of the Soul

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