The Gray Area Season 2

Inside the Gray Area: “Too Hard a Knot”

July 28, 2020

Writer and showrunner Edward Champion continues the deep dive into the “Paths” saga and discusses his happy red shoe collection, the decision to split the original Part 6 into two parts, realizing during the ending that there was a natural ending point for Part 6, helping the listener follow a very complicated plot, alternative universes, keeping a story ambiguous enough to be interpreted, a small continuity error that he'll need to clear up in Season 3, the setup for how people travel through the portals, The Receptionist vs. Janet in The Good Place, his huge admiration for D'Arcy Carden, how class and servants are depicted in British vs. American narratives, the careful work done with Katrina Clairvoyant to ensure that the two Chelseas were distinct, hot dog buns, standup comedy filler, why gusto is important in a performance, encouraging Zack Glassman to perform more “Ohs!” as the Receptionist, why he feels superheroes are a cheat in fiction, the “six travelers,” how Liz Rimar developed a younger and older version of Alicia, religious cults, NXIVM, when people are talking about someone while failing to acknowledge that the person is actually right there, cinnamon whiskey, why his writing is more punchy about people's dietary habits than he is in his regular life, Memphis Bleek and various hip-hop figures, why the 4th of July line is more important than you realize, burying references to later stories in dialogue, why actors are cast in multiple roles, the inconveneince of mortal limitations, and playing guitar for the series. (Running time: 20 minutes, 44 seconds)


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