The Gray Area Season 2

Inside the Gray Area — “Living Creatures”

April 10, 2020

In our inaugural behind-the-scenes episode, our showrunner Edward Champion discusses the origins of “Living Creatures,” how a tweet from David Ault being in a chicken diner inspired the character of General Romero, film noir, animal rights, Patty Heast, being on the lam, cult leaders, David Lynch, sound design, working with actors from completely disparate approaches, Big Trouble in Little China, researching and falling in love with the people of Wyoming, writing in a part of the world you haven't actually been to, the importance of geographical details, James Joyce, moral questions emerging from guns, why philosophical contradictions make good story, being more mindful of action and atmosphere in audio drama, Pulp Fiction, creating distinct characters by closely researching subcultures, male swagger, being inspired by Brooklyn street talk, his tendency to write mostly women characters, why “Living Creatures” became the Season 2 premiere, casting actors because they represent the perfect voice, the advantages of being very decisive in casting roles, and operating by creative instinct.  We also talk with actor Nicole Papadapoulos about how she prepared for the role of Donna. (Running time: 33 minutes, 5 seconds.)

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